Veho as a service

What is VaaS?


  • Carsharing for you, your family, group of friends or workplace.
  • Get a suitable car for your needs, without the worries of ownership.


  • Always have the right size car for you, without long commitment times.
  • Car pick-up or return to over 50 locations around 



  • Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day in case of unexpected situations.
  • Insurance, maintenance and washes are included so you only pay for the time and fuel.

Choose from three different plans


1+ days during a month.

For occasional use.

Starting from 80 € per weekend.


7+ days during a month.

Regular need of a car.

Starting from 249 € for seven days.


30+ days.

Up to five users.

Monthly fee starting from 599€.

Available from all over Finland


VaaS is provided with car rental company Sixt Finland. The service is available from all over Finland. In Flex and Flow plans you are able to pick up and return to any Sixt office in Finland.


With VaaS Flow you are able to use car flexible around Finland. Return your car for example to Helsinki Airport, travel to another location and pick up a similar car that is included in your plan.

VaaS solves mobility needs


Do you need a car occasionally for a weekend in a cabin, moving your furniture to a new home or for shopping. Our selection of cars fulfills all needs.


Do you need a car regularly but only for few days a month. VaaS Flex is a great option for you.


With this plan you can share a car with your family, friends or group of people. A company can benefit using Flow plan around Finland.

Contact information

If you have more questions about the service please contact Sixt customer service.

Phone: +358 200 111 222